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You will find our community on the northern shore of the Thames River, about 25 kilometers southwest of London, Ontario. Our community currently covers 1054 hectares, measuring roughly 3 square kilometers; however we are making progress on a land claim which will help us secure additional territories. The Munsee Delaware Nation has a registered population of 615 people today, with 180 people living in the community. Read more.



The Munsee Delaware Health Department strives to provide community members with the information and support they need to stay healthy and happy. We are committed to helping our community members access the best possible government and community health services through our Health Program, Health Promotions and the National Native Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program. Our overall aim is to influence and advance the health and well-being of Munsee Delaware families through the promotion of balanced lifestyles, prevention of diseases and access to appropriate health care and treatment services, all while valuing and respecting every person’s right to confidentiality.

Health Program 

The Munsee Delaware Health Program is overseen by the Community Health Representative (CHR), in coordination with the community’s Registered Nurse. The Health Program focuses on assisting people in our community stay healthy through the prevention of chronic and contagious diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, influenza and HIV. Munsee Delaware‘s Health Program delivers the following programs and services: 

Healthy Babies/Healthy Children

This program provides support and educational resources to help parents care for their babies and young children. The CHR and Nurse make home visits, as well as hold two workshops each year to further assist new parents. The Healthy Babies/Healthy Children program also focuses on educating parents about the importance of immunizations, as well as registering newborns for proper health coverage with the Munsee-Delaware Nation, Health Canada and Ontario Ministry of Health.

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

This program supports expectant mothers and fathers with understanding their baby’s nutritional needs to ensure proper development before and after birth. The CHR and Nurse also help parents understand the dangerous effects that smoking as well as taking legal and illegal drugs can have on their baby’s development. This program is delivered both one-on-one and in a group setting.

Seniors Program

Our Seniors Program aims to improve the quality of life for our community’s Elders. This is accomplished through social outings together, such as shopping excursions and day trips to local attractions. The seniors program also strives to help seniors stay healthy through the coordination and promotion of exercise programs. Our CHR coordinates various workshops aimed at informing and empowering seniors. Workshops planned for 2011 include Senior Abuse Awareness and Estate and Will Planning.

Home Visits

Our CHR and Nurse routinely visit the homes of expectant and new mothers, as well as senior citizens in our community. Home visits ensure clients have access to all of the information and support they need to maintain their own health, as well as the health of their children. Our CHR is also available to accompany community members to hospital appointments, if additional support is required.

Environmental Health

Munsee Delaware’s Health Program monitors potential health and disease risks that may exist in our natural and man-made environments. The Environmental Health component of our Health Program requires our CHR and Nurse to inspect the safety of homes, test water supplies and monitor the risks associated with the West Nile Virus through the trapping of mosquitoes each year.

Rabies Clinic

Munsee Delaware`s Rabies Clinic is organized by our CHR once each spring. The clinic focuses on vaccinating pets, as well as educating pet owners on the importance of vaccinations in not only maintaining the health of their pet, but also protecting the community from potentially life-threatening diseases, such as rabies.

For more information on the Munsee Delaware Nation's Health Promotions Programs, contact the Administration Office at (519)289-5396.


Health Promotions Department

The Health Promotions Department focuses on the overall well-being of Munsee Delaware community members, through the delivery of various community based programs and services.

Aboriginal Healing and Wellness

Munsee Delaware Nation’s Healing and Wellness Program is part of the province-wide Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy (AHWS). It was developed by First Nations and other Aboriginal organizations in partnership with the Province of Ontario in 1990. AHWS was created to address the alarming conditions of poor health and domestic violence being endured by First Nations and Metis people across the province. The Program promotes a culturally appropriate approach to healing and wellness in Aboriginal communities with contemporary and community-based strategies.

Munsee Delaware’s AHWS program is multi-faceted. It uses traditional Lenape teachings to support its youth and families. It organizes four community workshops each year, which focus on delivering information to the community that helps foster healthy relationships and positive choices. The workshop topics can range from regalia making to smudge teachings and talking circles.  Four traditional feasts are also held each year to bring the community together, creating a space where members can find mutual respect and inclusiveness.

Munsee Delaware’s AHWS program also works to promote healthy lifestyles and increase awareness about family violence through workshops, education initiatives and networking with other organizations. One such initiative is the Little Sisters Group, which teaches girls and young women who are between 7 and 16 years of age, how to develop and nurture healthy relationships, how to cope with and understand the changes associated with puberty, and how to deal with peer pressure and bullying.

Building Healthy Communities

The program, Building Healthy Communities, is designed to assist the Munsee Delaware Nation to develop its own strategies and activities to tackle youth solvent abuse and mental health crises.

The solvent abuse component focuses on preventing the abuse of solvents and to intervene when needed. Such intervention may involve admission to the Kii-kee-wan-nii-kaan Southwest Regional Healing Lodge. The mental health crisis management component is designed to complement the mental health promotion and prevention activities of the Brighter Futures program. It enables the community to respond to crises such as suicide, and have the necessary supports to heal from such crises. The mental health component also enables communities to receive crisis-related training, such as suicide prevention training. The Munsee Delaware Nation’s Health Promotions Worker also organizes training workshops and health fairs each year to inform people about the risks of solvent abuse, and mental health issues.

Brighter Futures

The goal of Munsee Delaware’s Brighter Futures program is to promote overall health and well-being of community members and prevent illness. It does this through activities focused on increasing awareness, changing attitudes, building knowledge and enhancing skills to promote wellness. 

 Brighter Futures has five components; mental health, child development, parenting, healthy babies and injury prevention. The Brighter Futures program strives to take a holistic approach by ensuring each of its five components are linked with each other and other programs and services in the community. The five components are: 

1. Mental Health

This component of Brighter Futures develops community-based mental health activities, services and/or activities such as depression, family violence, and stress management programs, as well as counselling services and wellness activities. 

2. Child Development

Children need to receive proper nurturing to reach their full potential. The Munsee Delaware Nation’s child development component of the Brighter Futures program provides a wide variety of community-based programs and activities, such as;  tutoring, parent-child crafts programs, after-school programs, anti-bulling programs as well as cultural workshops on traditional dancing. 

 3. Parenting 

The aim of this component is to promote culturally-sensitive parenting skills, through workshops and training programs. At Munsee Delaware, new parents also benefit from traditional cooking classes which help them in promoting their children’s health and improve the overall well-being in the community.

 4. Healthy Babies

To improve the health and well-being of mothers and babies is the aim of this component of the wellness strategy. A variety of activities are eligible for funding, such as pre- and post-pregnancy services and pregnancy-related education. For instance, education about breastfeeding, the importance of healthy eating, regular medical examinations and the avoidance of drugs, alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy are all examples of pregnancy-related education activities.

 5. Injury Prevention

As the title suggests, the goal of this component is to prevent injuries. Examples of activities funded include first-aid and CPR training, water, fire and bicycle safety workshops, awareness campaigns and promotion of the proper installation and use of car seats. The Munsee Delaware Nation’s Health Promotions program is also planning to offer Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training as it applies in our homes, sometime in the near future.

Health Fairs

Munsee Delaware Nation’s Health Promotions Worker is part of a team which organizes health fairs each year. Topics such as drug awareness, provide the community with information on the dangers associated with prescription drug misuse and illegal drugs. Workshops can also be featured, which provide facilitators who conduct sessions on topics of interest, such as suicide awareness and prevention.

Home and Community Care Program

The Munsee Delaware Nation’s HCCP provides care for the community’s seniors and those with disabilities through the Health Promotions Department. It is the responsibility of the Health Promotions Worker to coordinate the community’s homemakers and personal support workers, who deliver home and community care services. The goal of this program is to ensure the needs of seniors and people with disabilities are met, enabling them to stay in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. The Health Promotions Department also provides home care packages including hampers and medical equipment, as necessary, for community residents.

Community Partners

Community Partners include Health Canada’s Zone Office, Munsee Delaware Nation Social Services, Ontario Works Stepping Stones, Southwestern Ontario Health Access Centre - Chippewa of the Thames First Nation site and the Personal Support Worker Program. 

For more information on the Munsee Delaware Nation's Health Promotions Programs, contact the Administration Office at (519)289-5396.


National Native Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program - NNADAP

The main function of the National Native Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program is to assist individuals and families in dealing with and reducing, alcohol and drug related problems. The program’s concept is to provide a healthy lifestyle alternative to substance and alcohol abuse and to ensure our community members are receiving appropriate prevention and intervention programs. NNADAP staff are responsible for planning, coordinating and delivering prevention, intervention and aftercare programs to members of the Munsee Delaware Nation.


Munsee-Delaware’s Prevention programs are designed to demonstrate healthy lifestyles as a way of reducing alcohol and drug abuse in the community. The program is both culturally and traditionally based with activities such as sharing circles and traditional drum teachings where we share our songs. A men’s wellness program is also available which teaches men of all ages about their role in the family and in the community. A partnership with the South West Regional Healing Lodge has resulted in being able to offer sweat lodge ceremonies and traditional teachings to our clients. The Munsee Delaware NNADAP Program also offers one-on-one counseling sessions, grief counseling and home visits, as well as client assessments and referrals to various treatment centers.


Our NNADAP Intervention program is designed to help community members and their families get the support they need to overcome addictions. This is a traditionally based program which uses traditional teachings as a way of helping people understand their roles in the community and in their families. The program uses various activities to help high risk youth find healthy alternatives to using alcohol and drugs. We offer a weekly family support group, thanks to a partnership with other community helpers from surrounding communities. This core group of helpers works together to help our youth create a brighter future. More family oriented activities will take place on a aweekly basis at the new Munsee Delaware Community Centre a new NNADAP worker is hired.


Our NNADAP Aftercare program focuses on helping community members after completing a healing process, such as a treatment program. Our Aftercare program includes home visits, one-on-one counseling, and grief counseling. We also offer various relapse prevention programs which are included in our Prevention Program.

Munsee Delaware’s NNADAP programming will be expanding in the near future, with newly designed programming available on a weekly basis for the entire community. We look forward to better serving our community’s needs and ensuring a healthy future for our children.

For more information on the Munsee Delaware Nation's National Native Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program, contact the Administration Office at 519-289-5396.





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