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You will find our community on the northern shore of the Thames River, about 25 kilometers southwest of London, Ontario. Our community currently covers 1054 hectares, measuring roughly 3 square kilometers; however we are making progress on a land claim which will help us secure additional territories. The Munsee Delaware Nation has a registered population of 615 people today, with 180 people living in the community. Read more.


The Munsee Delaware Nation Housing Department exists to develop homes for the residents of Munsee Delaware. The Munsee Delaware Housing Department offers the following programs:

INAC Minor Capital

Capital Housing Program - Constructs houses for clients who are selected. There is funding set aside for community members annually.

Renovations - Capital Renovations take care of the minor and major renovations requirements for housing units.

Water and septic service is available for new installations and repairs to existing systems.

Housing Repayment Program

Emergency Repairs - funding is made available for any band members needing assistance with emergency repair to their homes.Repairs such as the heating system, plumbing, health, and safety concerns for their homes. This is own source generated from the band members payment obligations when they were given assistance.

Bank Direct Lender Loans

The Munsee Delaware Nation is in the process of exploring options to offer bank direct lender loans, which may include Ministerial Guarantees and/or BCR Guarantees.

CMHC Programs:

Section 95 (Band Rental Units) - is available to any band member in need of affordable housing shelter assistance.  Units vary from 1 to 4 bedroom houses. There are all types of rental units for single families to clients who are physically challenged.

RRAP - is a program administered through RRAP technical services inspections office, although the review and approvals is done at CMHC. The repairs are carried out by the Munsee Delaware Housing Program. Any funding approved is based on the eligibility of criteria and is on a forgivable loan basis with conditions.

HASI - is a program for seniors (65+) needing assistance to make required changes to make their home safer and easier to access to enable them to live independently. HASI is a forgivable loan with conditions.

Rental Emergency Work Orders

In the event of an emergency please contact the Housing Manager during regular office hours. Types of emergencies include: Flooding, no heating or no running water.

For more information on the Munsee Delaware Nation's Housing Program, and to reach the Housing Manager, contact the Administration Office at 519-289-5396.

RR #1 . Muncey . Ontario . N0L 1Y0 TL: 519.289.5396

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