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You will find our community on the northern shore of the Thames River, about 25 kilometers southwest of London, Ontario. Our community currently covers 1054 hectares, measuring roughly 3 square kilometers; however we are making progress on a land claim which will help us secure additional territories. The Munsee Delaware Nation has a registered population of 615 people today, with 180 people living in the community. Read more.



The Munsee Delaware Nation administers the Regional Lands Administration Program under the direction of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). Duties include the processing of land transfers, certificates of possession and the coordination of land surveys to prepare parcels of land for housing construction.

Anyone purchasing land and/or a house on-reserve at Munsee Delaware should, for their own protection, check with the lands/research/membership department at the Administration Office to ensure there are no encumbrances/liens against the land/house, such as a liability, mortgage or claim.

For more information, contact the Munsee Delaware Nation Administration Office at (519)289-5396.


Preparing for our eventual demise and how our assets should be divided among our loved ones can help your family avoid a lot of pain and emotional turmoil. Wills keep peace in your family. A will is your voice, guiding your family on how you want your belongings to be distributed.

To open an estate in Munsee Delaware, the deceased must have been a member of the Munsee Delaware Nation.

The Munsee Delaware Nation provides assistance to band members wishing to establish a will, or settle an estate. The four necessary will conditions, under Section 45 of the Indian Act are:

  • The will must be in your writing or typed (no recordings),
  • The will must be signed by you, the person making the will. If you cannot write, the signature may be a mark (X) but witnessed,
  • The will must indicate wishes or intention as to the disposition of your property and non-property matters,
  • The will must be intended to take effect upon your death.

Family members should report the death of the deceased to our office and submit an application for “appointment of executor”. Our office requires a death certificate with names and addresses of heirs/beneficiaries.

The responsibilities of an administrator/executor of an estate is; to secure physical assets, post notice to creditors, gather all information on assets and debts, satisfy debts starting with funeral account, distribute remaining assets and if there’s land, submit the “Transfer of Land By Personal Representative” form (C-11) to the Lands Office.

Read more about Settling a Family Member`s Estate.

For more information, contact the Munsee Delaware Nation Administration Office at (519)289-5396.

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